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Clothing Company

We are a trusted manufacturer of women’s clothing

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About us

Welcome to Koren. We are a trusted manufacturer of women’s clothing. Our products are created with passion and according to current trends since 2006.

Our portfolio is addressed to wholesale Customers with their own sales network and who are looking for new suppliers. We offer a wide range of knitted and woven fabrics. We have more than 200 models, where nearly half in continuous production. In case of long-term cooperation, we can adapt to Customer’s needs, including  modifications of models and design.machine-1186852_640

Our main assets are:

→ The new models meeting the market needs
→ Fast order execution
→ Competitive prices
→ Flexibility
→ Delivery to Customer
→ Company’s location: the whole production process in one place!
We cooperate with satisfied Customers from Poland and from abroad. We are convinced that we can also fulfill your expectations.

We encourage you to connect with us.

Koren Team

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Fashion is passing away
and the style remains

— Coco Chanel —
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